This Life Is Real

I should’ve known this lifeWas never a fantasy.It was never a mere dreamBut a bitter truth. Its sweet days are numberedAnd it’s terrors without limits.Hardly does one rememberA beautiful, sunshiny day. Yet the hailstorms are recordedIn the depth of our hearts.Every sweet memory is tear mixedBut none of them to return. Life seems like a

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Hope’s Words

It seemed a day very pleasantSo fine in weather, beautiful in shadesNothing seemed wrongExcept for the pain in my heart Longing for a smile,I cried to my bitter heart’s contentI drowned in my own tears,With no hard hearts melted It seemed that it didn’t matterIf I was alive or deadCircumstances pointed deadDespair shook me inside

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I Love Him

How could this be?What a sweet sensation canAll of this be? Every time I hearThe very sound of his name,My heart skips its beat. I hope in the deepest partOf my desolate heart,That we be one forever. Let us be entwined togetherBy the most sacred andBeautiful of emotions in this world. Let us be inseparable

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My Choice

Sitting within the comfortsMy home offered me,I wondered if I reallyOught to take this chance. Life seemed brilliantAnd safe as usualYet my heart yearnedTo stand up forWhat I truly believe in. My mind pointed outHow comfortable I couldLive my life if I chose,Tempting me to stayHere in my comfort zone. Yet the overwhelming pressureMy heart

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Your Guardian Angel

Last night, I slept notFor you were in my mind. I ponder everythingThat happened between us,Every single word you said. Oh! How I wish I wereYour guardian angelFor an angel, you call me. But I wish I couldGuard you under my wings. You are the sweetestOf all memories IEver had or will have. You make

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I’m drenched by the rain,Yet I’m not cold.For I’m freezing insideOf my heart. They say you’ll never knowThe worth of your eyesWhen you have it. So now, I think of the daysWhen he was next to me.Those days when wouldn’t evenGrace him with a glance. Oh! How I hate myselfFor being so meanWhen all he

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The Truth

I remember how weArgued one day. You told me true love existedAnd I simply contradicted it. You, obviously, challenged meTo prove myself right. To that I replied, ‘Look into my eyesAnd tell me if you canTake me to a placeI’ve never been before, To a place of pure bliss,Where I’ll truly belong, To people I’ll

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Another Day Without You

To think how farYou are from mePains my heart likeNothing else in this world. Each moment without you is likeIce in my vein.Each thought about you is likeFire in my brain. If ever love had butA synonym to nameIt would be your nameAnd your name alone. Why fate separate us,I know notBut I live with

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Forgetting My Dream

A beautiful dream you are,Yet I know not what to do.My heart is in a tumult.I die for an answer. Truth, yes, it’s bitterBut let me at least knowThe bitterness that should be.Can’t see through this fogOr breath in this flood. I feel like a fishGasping for breath on land.I took shelter inThe dark of

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Let Me Love You

You keep my light burning brightEven in my darkest night. You have me safe in your arms,Now there is nothing I fear I ceased breathingThe moment I beheld you. The words that you once gave meKeep my breath going on forever. When I grieved, you solaced me,With all hopes for a better future. I’ve never

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ġham tumhārā thā zindagī goyā tum ko khoyā use nahīñ khoyā fart-e-girya se jī na halkā ho bas yahī soch kar nahīñ royā ashk to ashk haiñ sharāb se bhī maiñ ne ye dāġh-e-dil nahīñ dhoyā maiñ vo kisht-e-nashāt kyoñ kāTūñ jis ko maiñ ne kabhī nahīñ boyā aabla aabla thī jaañ phir bhī bār-e-hastī

safed chhaDiyan

janam kā andhā jo soch aur sach ke rāstoñ par kabhī kabhī koī ḳhvāb dekhe to ḳhvāb meñ bhī azaab dekhe ye shāhrāh-e-hayat jis par hazār-hā qāfile ravāñ haiñ sabhī kī āñkheñ har ek kā dil sabhī ke raste sabhī kī manzil isī hujūm-e-kashāñ-kashāñ meñ tamām chehroñ kī dāstāñ meñ na naam merā na zaat


vo kaisā shobada-gar thā jo masnūī sitāroñ aur naqlī sūrajoñ kī ik jhalak dikhlā ke mere saada dil logoñ kī āñkhoñ ke diye hoñToñ ke jugnū le gayā aur ab ye aalam hai ki mere shahr kā har ik makāñ ik ġhaar kī mānind mahrūm-e-navā hai aur hañstā boltā har shaḳhs ik dīvār-e-girya hai


ai siyah-fām hasīna tirā uryāñ paikar kitnī pathrā.ī huī āñkhoñ meñ ġhaltīda hai jaane kis daur-e-alama-nāk se le kar ab tak tū kaḌe vaqt ke zindānoñ meñ ḳhvābīda hai tere sab rañg hayūle ke ye be-jān nuqūsh jaise marbūt ḳhayālāt ke tāne-bāne ye tirī sāñvlī rañgat ye pareshān ḳhutūt bārhā jaise miTāyā ho inheñ duniyā